Mahdi Alam

Young Mayor: Tower Hamlets


I am an aspirational, sociable, dedicated individual who seeks success through hard work and education. I have always been a believer in equality and treating people fairly.  I love to meet new people and help towards resolving issues that young people may face. I feel that I have so much to give to young people. I want to nurture young talents and help them develop into responsible adults who are an asset to our community.


What I plan to do while in office

As young mayor, I would like to promote multiculturalism in my borough, with the support of my two deputies. We aim to close the segregation gap between different ethnicities by promoting the positive impacts of multiculturalism. As part of this aim we will be holding an event to promote community cohesion and better understanding of one another.

We would also like to provide mentoring opportunities. The aim is for Key Stage Five young people to mentor young people who are in Key Stage Three. We feel that if KS5 young people can support young people from KS3, they will have the support necessary to learn new skills, not give in to peer pressure, and develop into active young people from an earlier age.

Lastly we wish to tackle the issue of peer pressure. Peer pressure sees young people make decisions that lead them to places they really don’t want to go (e.g. drugs and gang membership). We believe that if you empower young people to be able to withstand peer pressure you can improve the chances of them becoming positive and contributing members of their community.



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